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This page was started due to the high volume of (unsolicited) contact requests that I have received over the years.  I revise it occasionally, so please read it all very carefully before contacting me.  By the time you reach the end, you may decide you don't want to any more.


This page is not advertised or promoted.  It is linked to from only one single place on the web (that I am aware of: my member profile page at the Forex Factory), so by coming here, it shows that you are already familiar with my online postings, as well as my reputation as a trader, a trading system creator, and an instructor.  Besides this being my only official contact page, I do not post in any other blogs or chat rooms.  If you were to Google "forexhard", "SSBO", or "forexhard/SSBO" together, you will discover that my name and my system has been copied all over the world many times and in many languages.  Please do not support these copycats in any way.  In some cases they are intentionally posting erroneous trading info in my name to make me and SSBO look bad, and to mislead novice traders; in other cases they are trying to sell you imitation SSBO indicators or courses.  The only way to make sure you are getting the best SSBO advice around is to ignore those other sites and reach out to me directly.


Almost everyone that has contacted me through this page over the last 2 years has done so in their search for a trading mentor, which is fine so long as you are willing to play by my rules:

#1 - MAKE ME WANT TO HELP YOU.  Understand that you are entering the world of a very busy full-time professional.  As much as I like helping people achieve their goals, I am in the business of trading, not teaching.  I do not necessarily want to know anything about you or your problems.  Teaching is something I do only when I come across a worthy candidate.  So capturing my attention -- and holding it -- is your responsibility and challenge, not mine.  If you want me to ignore my charts and hobbies and re-arrange my schedule in order to make space for you in my world, then you will have to work for it.  If you are unsure of how to do this, if you don't know how to passionately represent why you are here right now, then you might as well leave now and not waste any more of your time (or mine).  Because if you can't, it implies that you are either directionless or desperate, or both, and those are conditions that no honest person in my position can cure.

#2 - TIME IS MONEY.  Contrary to popular belief, the word "mentor" does not mean "One who teaches without compensation."  According to Webster's it actually means "An experienced and trusted advisor, especially to a younger person."  Taking a well-earned fee from a student does not make one less of a mentor.  Are you here right now because you really believe that I should make it possible for you to have a college level education in Forex for free?  If so, then you have plenty of company.  At least 50 people per year contact me with exactly that expectation, as though I owe it to them because I am a successful trader and they want to have what I have and for some reason I am supposed to just hand it over.  All it does, these childish and unrealistic expectations, is waste many hours of my time fielding emails and phone calls from desperate, clueless people.

The result of all this time wasting is this new policy: Your initial contact must include a non-refundable retainer fee of $500USD (five hundred US dollars).  This will buy you a fair hearing as we discuss your over-all condition and possible position as one of my full time students.  And, if accepted as a student, this fee will be applied towards your total training costs.  My Paypal address is: [email protected] (IMPORTANT: Remove the 6 large X's first.)  Do not use this address for messages.  I will contact you as soon as the retainer has cleared my account with my daily email address and that will be your cue to proceed.

ATTENTION licensed institutions, bank employees, or OPM traders: Your retainer is triple: $1500USD.

#3 - STOP HIDING.  Once notified your retainer fee has cleared, your 2nd contact must include:


1) your full real name;

2) your online/chat room identity;

3) your complete physical address;

4) your telephone number;

5) if you have a Skype I.D., please include that as well.


DO NOT EVER CONTACT ME IF YOU INTEND TO WITHHOLD THIS INFORMATION.  When posting online you can remain as anonymous as you wish.  But since you are trying to contact me privately, your anonymity is no longer an issue.  I will only work with people I can speak with, and who I can independently verify.

Once more so there is no misunderstanding:  The ...artist  email account is for retainer fee payments only.  Any messages sent there will be considered Spam, you will be placed on my ignore list, and we will never speak again.  My regular email address will be the one used to contact you after the retainer has cleared my bank account.  Once you have it, then you will be able to engage me under rules #1 & 3, but not before.

#4 - FOREX SCAMMERS, IDENTITY THIEVES, BROKER MOLES.  I take payments through Paypal only.  I don't care that you just lost your job or had to sell your car to buy food for your 6 hungry children.  I don't care that you've blown several trading accounts, and that SSBO is the greatest thing you have ever seen, and that I am the only honest man you have found on the Web.  I don't care that your country is persecuting you -- etc., etc., etc!!!  99% of the stories I have ever heard are 100% bullshit, and the 1% that might be true shouldn't be risking their money trading in the first place.  I have never been taken in by one of these scams, and I never will.  Why you guys even try is beyond me, but that's internet life I suppose.

#5 - MY LAWYER IS BETTER THAN YOURS.  You hereby certify that you will keep all of our conversations and emails private, and that you will never divulge them or their contents to any 3rd party or parties under any circumstances.

#6 - TRADING REQUIRES CAPITAL.  No matter what you have been told, you CAN NOT make a respectable living trading without a sizable capital investment in both time and money.  I have no reason to lie to you, I don't even know who is reading this.  But if you do not have at least $10-15,000 free money to invest in your training and your starter account, you are chasing rainbows.  And even if you do there is no guarantee that you will ever be a successful trader.  Anyone who tells you you can safely start with a tiny investment, or that you are guaranteed to be a success -- they are lying to your face.  That will be my first and last piece of free advice.

#7 - YOU'RE WELCOME.  Please don't write to me simply to thank me for introducing you to SSBO, or for dedicating so much of my free time over the last few years online, etc.  If you truly want to thank me, then do so by introducing your friends and family to SSBO too.  That way both of our legacies benefit equally.

In closing, if you are personally offended by anything you see here, then do us both a favor and leave and never come back.  Trading with real money is deadly serious, and only the fittest survive.  And as you can see, I only have time for those people who are as serious about trading as I am.  My goal as your teacher will be to help you become at least as financially strong, stable and independent as I am -- which takes an incredible amount of discipline and self-sacrifice that most people find overwhelming.  But I am here for you in case you should still want to try.

Good luck, and best wishes in what ever you decide!


Full time professional Forex trader and creator of the highly acclaimed Stairstep Breakout System

[Last edit: January 1, 2014]