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Stairstep Breakouts - SSBO 

          As an incredibly robust and time tested trading system, SSBO is now over 10 years old and is still going strong.  It works for those who carefully read and follow the instructions found in the first 8 posts (posts, not pagesof my teaching thread, which can be found by following the hyperlink given in the signature line below.  What I can promise, is that you will get out what you put in, no more no less, and everything you need to know in order to become just as successful as me is right there in black & white.

          As a creator and innovator and full time trader, I am proud to know that ever since I introduced SSBO to the international trading community it has changed many lives for the better and continues to do so today, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  The people who do say otherwise most likely have never spent any time with SSBO, and/or have a private agenda they'd rather not disclose.

          FAQ1: Yes, I still trade full time, and Yes, SSBO is still my primary trading system.  It is quite literally the best system I have ever seen for exploiting market weakness, so why change now?

          FAQ2: No, I am most likely NOT available for private mentoring.  I used to take on 2 or 3 private paying students per year at one time, but not any longer.

          FAQ3: I have never offered SSBO for sale to anyone at any time, nor I have ever offered the SSBO custom indicator(s) for sale to anyone at any time.

          FAQ4: My stint at the Forex Factory was the only time and place I have used the internet to teach anything about SSBO to the general public.  Since then, SSBO has been copied to many other web sites in many languages, but none of it was by me.  Once I left the FF 4 years ago, that was it for me as far as offering my time to the general public is concerned, and I have absolutely no control over other people copying & pasting my words to other web sites.

          FAQ5: It was never my intention to teach everything I know about trading or about SSBO in my teaching thread at FF.  I was offering a free service there, and I was never under any obligation to disclose everything, and I do not feel it was wrong keep certain information to myself, and for the benefit of my private paying students.

          FAQ6: Every word I ever posted to my SSBO thread (or here) regarding my personal trading experience was/is 100% true.


Full time professional Forex trader and creator of the highly acclaimed Stairstep Breakout System

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